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Tips for Inside the Trunking Store
Changing Payment Method

ClearlyIP’s Tips and Tricks

How do you upload a new card or change card information on your account?
  1. Log into your trunking account and on the Dashboard go to “Account” and then “Payment Methods”
    menu payment methods
  2. Once in there it will list all your payment methods you have in there.
  3. To add a new payment card to your account, click the “Add A New Source” button under any other payment methods you have in there.
    Add new Source
  4. Fill out the form with the new card information.
    Enter Card info.
  5. Once filled out, click the “Use This Source” button at the bottom left hand of the page, just under the Card image.
  6. Source button.

  7. You should now see that payment method listed on the main “Payment Methods” page.
  8. If you are replacing an old payment method or updating an expired or compromised card, be sure to remove the old entry from the list so insure we use the updated method for payments.


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