Clearly Cloud CRM Integration

Elevate Caller Experience and Drive Success with CRM Integration in Clearly Cloud

Integrating your CRM software with Clearly Cloud can enhance the caller experience by providing personalized interactions that leverage customer information to streamline data management, prioritize essential clients, and build stronger customer relationships, turning every call into an opportunity to drive business success.

CRM Integration


Customer Service and Support Team with CRM

Immediate Customer Insights Upon Answering a Call

Clearly Cloud integrates with your CRM software to instantly push call history and caller information simultaneously to your CRM and to Call Panel, allowing Click to Call from your CRM and Call Popups into your CRM on inbound calls.

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Supported Software



Integrating ZOHO with Clearly Cloud allows you to streamline communication between your sales and customer service teams. This synchronization enables you to access critical customer information, call logs, and call recordings directly from ZOHO, empowering your staff to deliver personalized and efficient customer interactions. Moreover, the ability to automate tasks such as lead scoring and lead assignment through ZOHO integration ensures that your teams focus their efforts on the most promising prospects, ultimately boosting your sales efficiency and revenue.

Zapier Workflows CRM

With its vast library of pre-built integrations and automation workflows, Zapier allows you to connect your CRM with various other applications and services, including social media, email marketing platforms, and customer support tools. This level of automation can help you nurture leads, automate follow-up emails, and even trigger support tickets when customer issues are detected. By weaving these functionalities into Clearly Cloud, you can ensure a seamless and comprehensive customer experience. Whether it’s automatically logging customer interactions, generating call analytics reports, or syncing contacts between systems, Zapier integration empowers you to work smarter and more efficiently.