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Modern Faxing saves time and money

Save Money
and Time no fax machine needed

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Hard Copies Needed on any device

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You Can Fax It fax from mobile

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Your Hand
inbound faxes from email

Inbound Faxing

Fax to Email

The online portal easily configures inbound email delivery from any Fax Enabled (T.38) Numbers, available in most North America regions.

Inbound faxes deliver to up to two email addresses.

1 email user

Email to Individual Email Accounts

1 email user

Email to Your Distribution Group

1 email user

Email to Email-to-Print capable Printers




Outbound Faxing – Email to Fax

You can enable and manage specific email addresses or domains to send faxes using our service.

Each fax capable DID on your account can be associated with up to 100 authorized email addresses or email domains.

Email addresses can be authorized to send for multiple fax DIDs.

When sending a fax by email, users can easily specify which fax number to use as the sending address. Suppose users are authorized to use multiple fax numbers. In that case, our system will allow them to choose which number to send from immediately with a follow-up email, enabling them to select the proper account.

outbound faxes from email Device Device

Designed as a complementary appliance add-on to the platform.

Supports the connectivity of up to 2 physical fax machines, or hardware of your choice to enjoy the flexibility of analog faxing without the expense of a dedicated line.

Store your faxes, connect a physical fax machine, and send/receive with secure and reliable technology using the device.

Enjoy the benefits of both worlds- virtual and physical faxing with ‘’ & ‘ Device’.



How Do I Send a Fax Using Email and

Easy 3 Step Process




Create a new email message and then add any attachments that you would like to fax.

Attachments can be

Your email will be your cover page.



Enter the email address in the
“To:” field, or select it from your address book

Use this format to specify where to send the fax:

[email protected]
[email protected]



Send the email. That’s it! Your email will be converted to a FAX and delivered to the fax number you specify.

You’ll even receive a delivery status confirmation by email.






Use Your Multifunction Printers to Send and Receive Faxes Without a Traditional Phone Line!

Send Faxes

Using Scan-to-email, Scan your doc and specify the address to deliver your fax.

Receive Faxes

Utilize Email-to-print capable devices to print your inbound faxes automatically. Example: HP ePrint compatible printers and MFPs

This service can also be utilized for routing inbound faxes directly to your T.38 compatible PBX, ATAs, and Gateway Devices. Seeking to integrate into your application or solution with faxing? Use our FAX API Service.


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