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Our Heritage Clearly Defines Our Company

Breanna Fernie

As ClearlyIP grows, it couldn’t be here without the history that fostered it, that history provides perspective and insight for future projects and direction. Our team combines over 300 years of combined experience in creating some of the largest telecom applications in the world.

ClearlyIP’s leadership, and their combined experience, has shaped a culture of value throughout every level of the organization and encourages everyone to provide businesses with superior quality voice solutions.

Our roots can be traced back to 2008 when our founders formed Schmooze Com Inc. to build a business around a new piece of open-source software being developed called FreePBX®. Schmooze Com quickly embraced and took a leadership role in the FreePBX project, and in 2010 took over as the official sponsor and steward of FreePBX.

FreePBX grew and flourished under Schmooze Com to become the world’s largest Open Source PBX with installs worldwide with millions of installs and 20 thousand plus new installs each month.

In 2015, Schmooze Com Inc founders sold the assets, including FreePBX, to Sangoma Technologies, a publicly-traded TSX.V company. The founders of Schmooze Com Inc took a leadership role from COO down to VP’s and Directors. During the four years that our founders were part of the Sangoma Technologies executive team, we helped oversee six acquisitions and growth from $16 MIllion a year in revenue to over $100 million a year.

But all beginnings start with an end. The itch to start another company became too much for our entrepreneurial founders to ignore. In 2019, our founders left Sangoma and set up ClearlyIP, and continue to build innovative products and services.


Business built quickly, and in 2019, ClearlyIP had our first acquisition. That acquisition consisted of a company based out of New Hampshire, Cyclix Networks, which specialized in SIP Trunking.

That acquisition spurred further growth and more opportunities. One of those opportunities was Modulis in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They became our second acquisition, offering premium VoIP solutions for institutions and enterprises. This was the perfect addition to our portfolio of Cloud services.

Due to our growing success and presence in Canada, the decision was made to reach out to the other end of the country and Telrad Canada, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are currently working on some products and services that will continue to be launched later this year and into 2021, focused on telecommunications. We have not forgotten our roots and area of expertise, so we also offer custom consulting, support, and development around FreePBX and Asterisk-based systems. In the future, we have plans for some products that break out of the telecommunications space and will be disruptive in other industries like we were in 2010 with FreePBX.

At launch, ClearlyIP is an industry-leading company in telecommunications software, infrastructure, services, and cloud. It looks to the future as a technology leader, delivering telecom solutions to our customers through several critical areas: transforming telecommunications infrastructure, securing platforms, protecting the VOIP enterprise, enabling workplace productivity, and empowering a collaborative-driven organization.

To educate, connect, and support people worldwide through the power of unparalleled voice, reflecting open-source and modern architecture, creative minds, and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier VOIP company.

With decades of leadership in communications and our intellectual property, the team at ClearlyIP provides world-class telecommunications services, applications, and customer premise hardware to businesses, ITSPs, OEMs, and other communications providers across the globe.

Product offerings include Brandable IP Phones, VoIP Appliances, a Suite of Advanced Cloud Services, and a feature-rich SIP Trunking platform with full compliance with Kari’s Law and the Ray Baum’s Act. ClearlyIP is privately held with offices across Canada, Europe, Australia, and the United States. ClearlyIP utilizes a “Build and Buy” strategy for company growth, building products that help us grow organically and via strategic acquisitions.

Learn more about our accelerated growth and exciting mergers in our history webpage.