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Clearly Anywhere GSM Priority

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Remote collaboration is now a part of our lives. It allows our users, coworkers, providers, etc, to respond faster to any requirement. They can be reachable and available regardless of their geographic location.
One of the most useful players in this new remote or hybrid working era is the mobile client.
Mobile clients allow us to interact with our users, customers, providers, etc.

Clearly Anywhere is a feature-rich mobile and desktop softphone designed for busy professionals. It offers the ability for interacting and sensing the status of two different networks: the default mobile network (cellular network) and the Wifi network.

To achieve this, Clearly Anywhere has five Network Settings.

  • Network priorities for RTP
  • Network change strategy
  • Keep cellular network active
  • Prevent WI-FI from sleeping
  • Use legacy RTP layer

Let’s talk about the first three.

Network Priorities for RTP

This option will tell Clearly Anywhere how to send the audio from the calls: via the cellular network or the WI-FI network.

The “Prefer Mobile Data” setting will route the voice RTP traffic via the mobile data network even if Wi-Fi is available. This helps if your Wi-Fi connection is unstable, but keep in mind that the transferred data will be included in your mobile data plan.

Network Change Strategy

In case the network changes during a call, we need to decide whether to start sending media over the new network or continue using the old one.

This setting has three options:

  • If Needed
  • If Different
  • Always

The default strategy is to switch networks only if it’s needed- typically in case, the network we’ve been using was disconnected.

Another option (If Different) is to evaluate new network conditions and switch only if the network we’d choose now is different from the one we had chosen previously This may happen, for example, if we call using mobile data and WI-FI becomes available during the call.

The last option is to refresh the network every time.

Keep Cellular Network Active

When enabled, the app will attempt to keep the cellular network active even if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi. This helps in case the Wi-Fi connection becomes unstable or is lost.


How to Modify These Options?

Just simply open your Clearly Anywhere app. Tap on the menu icon at the top-left area, making the ‘Settings’ message appear.
GSM Priority
modify settings

Then Tap on Settings and afterward tap on ‘Preferences’ -> ‘Network’.
GSM Priority

In this menu just tap the desired setting to change and select the desired option from the emerging menu.


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