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CIP Directory Button

CIP Phones: Directory Button with FreePBX

ClearlyIP’s Tips and Tricks


Interoperability is one of the keywords we had in mind when designing our Clearly IP Phones. Since day one, we wanted our phones could be supported by any PBX and most of the time add valuable features to our VoIP scenario. In this case, we will talk about Clearly IP Phones (CIP Phones), FreePBX, and the Directory Button.

After you set up our Clearly Devices modules as described here and here, you can set up the Directory Button very easily.

The purpose of the Directory Button is to retrieve the internal FreePBX directory generated by the User Management module or, if you want to, you can generate a totally different directory in the Contact Manager Module and have the Directory Button retrieve it as well.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to interact with FreePBX, you can create an XML file with the content of the directory you would like to send to the phones. Don’t worry, in the wiki, there is a layout of this file.

In all cases, our Clearly Devices module will generate an XML file that will be pushed to the phone when provisioning. All these setup scenarios are described on our wiki:

When pressing the Directory Button, in our example, you can choose from the directory generated manually, via the phonebook.xml file, or from FreePBX’s User Management Module.
Directory Button

Here it is displaying the information of the phonebook.xml file
Directory Button

And here it is interacting with the FreePBX.
Directory Button

As you can see you can Go Back, Search, Dial, or View the Details of the contact, Add to Contacts or Add to the Blacklist.
remote contacts

remote contacts-details
If you have multiple Directories you can update them by forcing the phone to download the latest version of the XML file generated by FreePBX or if there is any change in the hand crafted XML file.