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Build a Remote Work Force with Clearly Anywhere

Build A Remote Work Force with BYOD & Smart Softphone Technology

Breanna Fernie

Remote Work

Work from home is not going away. However, planning with an innovative remote telecommunications solution will lead to success.

When our channel partners or end-users ask us: What are the best strategies for setting up remote workers? We usually answer with this right off the bat.

“Make sure your employees have their extension anywhere, wherever they need it, on their preferred device.”

That’s the MO of our company. Provide solutions that enable people to work anywhere, from any device they want. Setting up your employees with remote-oriented flexible solutions that are intuitive to use and easy to add to existing devices without a steep learning curve is the key to a fierce remote workforce!

No matter where your team members work worldwide, enabling them to respond to work calls – regardless of time or location on the device they choose – ensures seamless and professional connectivity. Gone are the days when companies require employees to use a company-provided smart device. It is too complex and expensive to manage and will be trying on your people. Instead, you want to ensure long-term relationships with your employees, so here are the crucial points to improve business-critical communications and performance empowerment with softphone solutions that are affordable, intuitive to use, and accessible to everyone, anywhere. It will even feel like it’s their choice! Because it can be.

Make Sure Your Staff Have Their Extension Wherever They Need It

When an employer offers work-from-home opportunities to recruit new candidates, the devil is in the details. What needs to be delivered must support flexibility and remote workability. Remote work has been on the rise for several years.

According to recent studies, 70% of respondents considered flexible work locations a critical factor in evaluating new career opportunities. The studies also found that 54% see this as more important than working for a prestigious company. Remote work is not only a popular choice today, but with the coronavirus pandemic, it is still necessary.

Therefore, we suggest employers should not be bogged down in hardware overload. Keep it simple. Adopt a business telephone solution that enables employees to be connected, no matter where they are or what devices they currently use. Gone are the days when employers should be overwhelmed by the cost and number of devices needed to equip an employee to communicate. Instead of investing heavily in setting up employees with smartphones or new laptops, promote BYOD – bring your own device to existing staff and recruits. This way, employees can continue to use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and workstations and simply download and install a business softphone app to make and receive their work calls. Enabling company communications on any device so that employees no longer have to learn new hardware, find space in their back pocket for a second work cell, or room on their desk for a company-provided laptop. It is also imperative to ensure that an employee’s extension can be on ALL devices. With Clearly Anywhere Mobile and Desktop Softphone, employees can have their extension on many devices. For example, I am extension 5024 and can have my extension ring on all my devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac laptop, and my HP Prodesk workstation with Clearly Anywhere. The beauty of this is that it reduces the cost of buying a different license for each device and appeals to recruits, as they can simply install it on one or all of their devices, so they are always connected. In turn, your employees will always be able to connect to the office phone system as if they were sitting at their desks.

Why Is a Softphone Essential? There Is No Better Time Than Now.

Cordless phones, desk phones, smartphones, workstations, laptops, tablets, and the list of historical hardware and software to set up a team member is a long, expensive list. But when asked, most remote workers prefer BYOD. As explained, using their device gives them continuity to work with the hardware they already have been comfortable with and have invested in personally. Most people want to continue to use what they already know. For personal smartphones, laptops, tablets, or workstations, it’s easier to learn an app versus an entirely new ecosystem. This will make you stand out from your competition during and after the hiring process.

6 More Reasons
  1. Save on Communication Costs
    With ClearlyIP’s Clearly Anywhere, for only $19.99 MSRP per employee, you can set them up to be fully remote with a Clearly Anywhere Mobile Softphone license.
  2. Never Miss a Call, Stay Reachable
    Employees can answer a work call from anywhere, on any device, with a softphone.
  3. Enhance Productivity
    Seamless connectivity to softphones increases productivity and communication success.
  4. Advanced Communication Features
    Clearly Anywhere Softphone offers a long list of advanced telecommunications features, including receiving calls and outbound calls with dynamic caller ID.
  5. Create a BYOD Policy
    A bring-your-own-device policy is a workplace policy that encourages employees to use their own devices and can be ideal for both remote workers and employers. Clearly Anywhere softphone can easily fit into your BYOD policy, as users can convert any of their devices into business communication tools. This way, they remain productive with devices they are comfortable with.
  6. Make Remote Working a Possibility
    Finally, the main reason for using a softphone is to make the transition to remote work easy. Clearly Anywhere softphones make it easier to work remotely or manage distributed teams. So you can now offer employees the opportunity to work from home or hire agents in different time zones to reach more global customers.


Need Another Reason to Get a Softphone Today?
Remote Work Force
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