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Clearly Cloud Latest Updates

Clearly Cloud: Latest Updates Series February 2023 Features

Bryan Walters

Clearly Cloud Updates

New Features and Improvements released in February 2023 for Clearly Cloud Customers.

You can always review our full Release Notes here.

For those unfamiliar with Clearly Cloud, this is our fully managed Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform that combines voice, video, and messaging into one platform.

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Added the Ability to Manage Video Conference Room Settings from Call Panel.

Previously, administrators could not grant any user the ability to manage Video Conference room settings for any Video Conference room a user has permission to. These settings historically were only able to be changed from the Admin interface, but with the latest update in February, you can now manage those settings from within Call Panel if the user has been granted permissions through the Permissions system in Clearly Cloud.

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Set Ring Tones at the DID, Ring Group, Queue, and Digital Receptionist levels.

From within the Admin interface of Clearly Cloud, you can now set Alert Info options on a DID, Ring Group, Queue, and Digital Receptionist level to change the Ring Tone that will be used when that destination is called. This feature works with any SIP phone, such as Clearly IP’s CIP phones that support changing ring tones via an Alert-Info setting. For CIP phones, we have populated the drop-down list with Ring 1 through 8. For any phones that need specific Alert Info, not Ring 1 through 8, you can type in the Alert-Info that the phone expects into the drop-down field.

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Add support for UK and AU English Prompts.

In the past, the two languages supported for a PBX were US English and CA French. We have now added support for UK English and AU English that you can set at a per Location or per User level.