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What is Call Choking?

What is Call Choking?

Michael Dunham


Call choking refers to a situation in telecommunications where the number of incoming calls exceeds the system’s capacity to handle them efficiently, leading to a significant reduction in call quality, delays, or even the inability for additional calls to connect. This can happen in both traditional telephony networks and modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems. The term is often used in the context of PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems, contact centers, and network providers.
Several factors can contribute to call choking, including:

  • Insufficient Bandwidth: In VoIP systems, inadequate bandwidth can lead to call choking, as the network cannot support the volume of data being transmitted.
  • Limited Lines or Channels: In traditional telephony or PBX systems, having a limited number of lines or channels available for incoming or outgoing calls can result in call choking during peak usage times.
  • Network Congestion: High levels of traffic in the network, either due to a surge in call volume or data transfer activities, can overwhelm the system, leading to delays or dropped calls.
  • Hardware Limitations: The physical infrastructure of a communication system, including switches and routers, may have capacity limits that, when exceeded, cause call choking.
  • Configuration Issues: Incorrectly configured systems or inefficient routing of calls can also lead to bottlenecks that choke off call traffic.

Call choking can have significant impacts on businesses and services, leading to customer dissatisfaction, lost opportunities, and diminished operational efficiency. To mitigate call choking, ClearlyIP’s Telecom Solutions increase the system’s capacity, upgrade their network infrastructure, optimize traffic routing, and employ cloud-based solutions that dynamically scale to meet demand. Adapting to your business and the services needed automatically makes our SIP Trunking Platform the best option on the market.